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Mexico Released outdoor LED lighting energy efficiency compulsory standard
View:2597                Date:2012/12/29

On 6 November 2012, the Mexican Ministry of Energy published in the Official Journal Mexican Official Standard NOM 031 ENER 2012: 《Energy efficiency of lightemitting diode (LED) luminaires for use on roads and highways and in outdoor public areas. Specifications and test methods》.The notified Mexican Official Standard NOM 031 ENER 2012 will enter into force 180 calendar days after its publication in the Official Journal(may 5th, 2013). All LED luminaires contained in this standard must be tested accordingly in order to access Mexico market.

The standard puts forward detailed demands for minimum efficiency requirements, classification, testing program, label and market supervision of LED luminaires for use on roads and highways and in outdoor public areas on aspects. The luminaires with LEDs for illuminating roadways should have a value of luminous efficacy of at least 70 lm / W, LED wall lamps at least 52 lm / W And LED flood lights at least 70 lm / W. The measured initial luminous flux of LED luminaires should not be less than 90% of the nominal value marked on the product, on the packaging, on the instructions and / or warranty. LED luminaires must have a minimum power factor of 0.90. The total harmonic distortion in power, must be less than 20%.

Mexican standard is divided into NOM and NMX. NOM is compulsory standard released by Mexico governmental agencies, formulated by Mexico Standardization committee, and of which the draft and formal text must be published in Mexico official gazette. NMX is non-binding standard written by officially sanctioned institutions. NMX becomes compulsory standard, only when it referenced by NOM or relative laws and regulations. The Mexican Ministry of Energy publishes national energy efficiency standard through Energy-Saving Committee. The National Advisory Commission of Mexico Energy-Saving Standard Committee is responsible for the formulation, execution of standards of Mexico national energy efficiency, and also supervises its implement.

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