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U.S. Department of Energy: In 2020 the LED light's retail price will cut 66% by 2013
View:2444                Date:2012/12/29

American published LED lighting development plan the 2012 version. In 2020 the LED middle-upper industry will reduce eighty percent of cost, and the retail price decrease by 66%.

American president Obama’ one main administrative policy is that in order to put forward green energy policy, develop Zero Energy Building, American will invest 80 billion dollars in clean energy, aimed at reducing the oil import by a half, until 2035 when 80% of the electricity supply comes from clean energy. Off course, the promoting of LED lighting also help increase the energy self-supporting rate.

U.S. Department of Energy is the main organ to lead the solid lighting development. This plan highlights the technology development, product manufacture, commercialization, etc, every year also indicates the LED industry development index. In the 2012 version, LED solid lighting’s chief task is to decrease cost, elevate luminous efficiency, reduce retail price, etc, as a whole, until 2020 LED chips and packaging cost reduce by eighty percent compare to 2012, illumination efficiency add 60~100%, 60W LED light’ retail price will cut 66% by 2013.

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