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led lighting development and application
View:2352                Date:2012/12/29

What is LED?
Abbreviation of light emitting diode, an electronic device that lights up when electricity is passed through it.

Why LED?
High Efficiency, energy-saving, Lifetime of 100,000 hours, short On/Off time, Variable Color, Cycling, Dimming, Cool light, and Shock resistance.

Current development and application?
Due to the “Energy Crisis”, the whole globe is having an energy-saving time. Governments in different countries are dedicated in settle laws to promote LED Lightings instead of  incandescent  lamp, which reflects a huge demand of LED in the market. LED lightings can be used in scenarios such as:

Street lights, tunnel and underground car park, vehicle lights, public and private indoor lightings (including train station, bus station, airport, shopping mall, and hospitals etc.), and LED lighting projects etc.

LED & World Expo.
The World Exposition, 2010 will be the greatest performance show for LED products in the history. 80% of lights used for World Expo night scene will be LED lights because of its long lifetime and energy-saving features. Specifically, it is evidenced that LED light is the best lighting source, saving 70% of energy compared to an incandescent lamp, and 30% compared to energy saving lights. LED are honorably selected as the lighting source most used in World Expo, which exactly reflects that LED lights are more and more welcomed by the world, thereby become a leader that stands for high technology, environment-friendly sense, and development trend of the world in the lighting industry.

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